King & King Ranch




4 Generations of Farming

     King & King Ranch is a 4th generation avocado and citrus farm in Fillmore,Ventura County, California. 

     In 1913, Chalmers and Elizabeth King purchased a small piece of agricultural land in the Santa Clara valley. To this day King and King Ranch is run by 3rd & 4th generation Kings.

     Today, 8 varieties of avocados, over 20 varieties of citrus, plus pomegranates, persimmons, plums, herbs, and loads of other rare and exotic   culinary delights are grown!

     King family farmers have long been devoted to serving as stewards of the land, mindful that growing food serves not only immediate needs but is also a legacy to sustain future generations. 

     In support of our stewardship goal, various unique conservation efforts are underway at the ranch, including large scale mulching, seeding for erosion & weed control, clearing fire breaks, creating wildlife habitat, installing raptor poles & owl boxes, and exploring permaculture practices - all contributing to a more sustainable ecosystem. 


Seasonal Features

Fall gives us a chance to breathe, and also catch up on projects that have been neglected during the busier times of the year. Here are a few of our favorite fruits that are currently, or will soon be in season:

One of the heirloom Valencia Orange trees

One of the heirloom Valencia Orange trees

Valencia oranges - summer

Valencia Oranges have long been known as great juice oranges, and our whole valley used to be filled with groves of them. My grandfather, Frank King, hand-grafted the Valencia orange trees on our farm roughly 60 years ago, and we think the juice from these oranges is the best in the world.


Pomegranates - October

Sweet red gems of the fall, and delicious in salads, desserts, or juiced, pomegranates shine.

Brown Turkey Figs

Brown Turkey Figs

Figs - September

There’s nothing like biting into the first fig of the season, fresh off the tree, fragrant and sweet.